5 Best Ways for Controlling Type 2 Diabetes Naturally and Without Insulin

The number of people who are suffering from diabetes type 2 keeps raising in the world. In addition, the medication given so far is only aimed to prolong the life of people with diabetes 2, not to cure the disease. Managing the blood sugar level is the only way that people can do to keep enjoying life with diabetes type 2. Find out the smart ways for controlling type 2 diabetes naturally and effectively in this following article.

Basic Principles of Good Health

It is all actually about changing the lifestyle. Controlling type 2 diabetes will require the sufferers to live a healthier lifestyle. It can be started by applying basic principles of good health that include regular exercising, eating right, and keep the normal body weight. This lifestyle can even work better than any medicines prescribed by your doctors. As it is widely known that the medicines taken by those with diabetes type 2 will lead them to serious health complications in the future include kidney disease and heart disease.

The more medicines they then take the more prone they are to the health conditions often linked to the diabetes type 2. Fortunately, there are some natural ways that the sufferers can try to help them survive to live with diabetes type 2 without taking any insulin. As long as you can put your strong commitment to the healthy lifestyle, you can enjoy still enjoy your life as if you don’t carry any disease in your body.

Natural Ways to Control Diabetes Type 2 Without Insulin

Living with diabetes type 2 without the external supply of insulin to your body is not something impossible to gain. These following 5 ways will help you stay healthier and manage your sugar blood naturally.

  1. Lose Weight to Decrease Glucose Level

The first thing you can do to control your diabetes type 2 is by losing weight. Lower your body weight and losing your belly fats will be a great way to help you maintain your blood sugar level. Eliminating the belly fats is really important since the part of your bodies where the fats are distributed will influence the risk of diabetes. People with more fats in their belly are believed to prone to type 2 diabetes. Just keep in mind that you do not intend to lose the weight to make a difference and look good. All the attempts to lose your body weight should be focused on gaining better health. If you get your ideal weight and look good because of that, it is only the plus side you can enjoy for your hard work. To decrease the level of sugar blood in your body, you need to lose your weight at least 10 to 15 pounds.

  1. Improve Your Diet

Controlling type 2 diabetes naturally also needs you to improve your diet. You need to start to be careful about what you eat. Find out what foods you should consume and which ones you should avoid. This is important since not all foods are good for people with diabetes type 2, otherwise, they worsen the condition. Those who are diagnosed with the disease should consume healthy foods such as fresh fruits, lean meats, bean, fat-free or low-fat dairy, and whole grains. They are also suggested to eat more non-starchy fruits and vegetables such as broccoli, lettuce, carrots. They are also required to consume dairy products, meats, and starchy foods in smaller portions. Foods that contain high Glycemic Index (GI) should also be avoided since they can increase the level of sugar blood.

  1. Exercise Regularly

The next thing you can do to control your diabetes type 2 is by exercising regularly. The physical activities you do such as jogging and walking will trigger the contraction of your muscles. This condition will push the glucose or sugar blood out of your body into your cells. In this way, the sugar blood in your body will be at a better level. High-intensity interval training (HITT) is one of the exercises that recommended for those with type 2 diabetes. This kind of exercise is not only good to help you lose weight rapidly but also control your sugar blood better than aerobic or jogging. HIIT is suggested since it involves alternating short bursts before increasing the intensity of the physical activities and rest.

  1. Stress Management

Your mind actually plays an important role in the causing you to suffer from certain disease including diabetes type 2. This is because the poor management of stress will lead your blood sugar level to increase and it is usually harder to control. To keep managing the level of your stress, you are suggested to do some relaxation techniques. Some of the most recommended relaxation techniques considered effective for diabetes type 2 sufferers are soothing music, massage, meditation, tai chi, and yoga. In addition, the relaxation techniques applied will also help you to sleep better at night. This is very crucial since people who are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes often find it hard to sleep. In addition, sleeping less than six hours will cause your sugar blood to less tolerance. This is a condition often found on the people with diabetes type.

  1. Control Sleep Apnea

Controlling type 2 diabetes can also be done by controlling your sleep apnea. This is a condition in which a person suddenly stops breathing while sleeping. The sleep apnea is often found on people with overweight or obesity. Recent studies show that people with diabetes type 2 are prone to experience sleep apnea. The bad news is that many of them are not diagnosed before. This condition will lead the sufferers to get a higher risk of death because of health complications often associated with diabetes such as stroke and heart attack. Thus, it is very important for people with diabetes 2 to pay attention to sleep apnea symptoms and check their condition regularly to the medical experts. This prevention act will help them to stay healthier and avoid further complication because of diabetes type 2.

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