Going Green: The Best Herbal Treatment for Diabetes (or 5 of them)

If you think that there is no herbal treatment for diabetes, then you should think again. If there is a disease that comes naturally, you can be sure that there is a herbal treatment for it. What are those herbal treatments?

Ginseng can be a good thing to have for diabetes

Ginseng is a herbal medicine that has been used to cure a whole lot of diseases in the world. Knowing that, it should not come as a surprise that ginseng can also be used to lessen the effect of diabetes on your body. There are studies that show ginseng as being able to lower the number of sugar within the body, and if you got diabetes, then a low amount of sugar is definitely something that you should be aiming at.
While the studies have only taken mice as the test subject, it is showing a good amount of progress that you might as well try it if you have exhausted other options. There is nothing wrong with consuming ginseng, after all.

Cinnamon, both in powder and in stick form

Cinnamon, provided you consume it in the form of unsweetened powder or in its stick form, can help lower your sugar level. Consume about a teaspoon or a half of it every day and there is a chance that you will see a reduction in the blood sugar level.
And before you ask about it, no. Cinnamon rolls are not okay. Sure they contain cinnamon in it and they are tasty as heck, but if you consume cinnamon rolls if you got diabetes, it will only make it worse.  

There is a reason why holy basil got the title holy

Holy basil is a good herbal treatment for diabetes on the basis that Indians have been eating them for a while and diabetes is not the most prevalent case over there (at least several years back, when herbal treatment was still popular). Scientists have studied the effect of holy basil on animals and it showed a positive effect on the blood sugar. Some scientists have also started studying humans, in which it also showed a positive effect on people with type 2 diabetes.

Bitter melon tastes bitter

But it is sure sweeter than diabetes, that is for sure. A very popular herb in Asian countries, bitter melon has shown its capability of reducing the blood sugar level. They are not tasty at all and can even make some people vomit thanks to the bitterness, but everything healthy is almost always bitter, no?

Aside from being good for hairs, aloe vera is also good for diabetes

Aloe vera smells odd. It smells like an armpit that has been wet with sweat. It can be beneficial for diabetic people, though. Arabs back then used aloe vera to treat the disease that would be diabetes today. Arabs were once the forefront when it comes to alchemy and herbal treatment, so there is no reason for you not to take this as a herbal treatment for diabetes.

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