The Common Symptoms of Diabetes In Both Type 1 and Type 2

Diabetes is a nasty disease, and you should always look out for these common symptoms of diabetes so that it would not get any worse. While there are two types of diabetes, they often share the same symptoms save for several symptoms that show itself only when you got one of the two types. To enlighten you more about these symptoms, check out below:

Extreme fatigue and constant hunger

If you are feeling fatigued all the time and you heard the call of the meal more often than you are used to, you need to keep watch over your body because those two complications can tell you that you got diabetes. Both types of diabetes are the result of your body being unable to produce insulin, and insulin is very useful in making your hunger feel satisfied. If it lacks insulin, it is no wonder you cannot satisfy your hunger.
They apply to both type 1 and 2, so you cannot use these symptoms to accurately predict what kind of diabetes you got.

Dry and itchy skin

Dehydration is the other symptom that can indicate the presence of diabetes in your body. When you got diabetes, you will urinate more often. Because urine is made of water and your body is constantly urinating all the time, it is to be expected for the body to lack water. A lack of water can lead to dry skin, and dry skin can lead to an itchy one. This gets worse if you try to scratch the itch away because it can lead you to...

Cuts that would not heal easily

One of the worst symptoms of diabetes type 2 is a cut or a skin injury that would not heal itself in a matter of moment. Normally, your body will constantly heal itself when you have sustained cuts on your skin. People with diabetes type 2 do not enjoy such a privilege. Diabetes type 2 can affect the blood, hence making it hard for it to heal the wounds that you got.

Type 1 also got an unexplained weight loss as its symptom
If you suddenly lost weight without you expecting it, then perhaps you got a diabetes type 1 with you. Even if you ate a lot of food, the lack of insulin makes your body unable to gain energy from it. If so, your body would start burning other important things in your body in order to keep the energy within. Things like muscles and fat are all burnable and will be burned by your body to keep itself energized. A loss of muscle and fat will definitely lead to a loss of weight.  The most jarring of the common symptoms of diabetes, honestly.

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