The First Symptom of Diabetes That You Should be Wary Of

Not many people understand that they might or might not already got the first symptoms of diabetes in them. They believe that the complications that they face are minor complications not worthy of their attention. In truth, they SHOULD be worthy of your attention. Diabetes is, after all, not a disease that is to be taken lightly of.

This article here will tell you about all the signs that you should be keeping watch of. These signs can lead you to diabetes, and if you encounter two or three of those signs combined together, you better contact your doctor as fast as you can. Here are the signs that you should be wary of:

If your mouth is as coarse as a sandpaper

You might be onto diabetes. Dry mouth, aside from indicating diabetes, can also indicate other diseases. That is why this symptom should not be the sole symptoms that you use to declare that visit to a doctor.

A sudden weight loss

Say that you suddenly lost weight in a short range of time. While weight loss can be a good thing, it is only a good thing if you are already obese to begin with. If you are not an obese person and you suddenly lose weight without you working on it, then it might indicate diabetes.

An unexplainable increase in hunger and thirst

An increase in your hunger can also indicate diabetes. Normally, people would be hungry at the ‘correct’ moment of the day, all dependent on their body’s natural clock (they would get hungry at noon if they habitually eat at noon and so on). If you are suddenly feeling hungry even when it is not your body’s correct time, you might want to give the doctor a visit.

If your head is pounding hard combined with all of the symptoms you have seen above
A headache is a pretty common symptom for basically many kinds of diseases. That is why you should only visit the doctor if your headaches come with the aforementioned symptoms. There is a chance that your disease is just you lacking rest or there is a chance that you got diabetes.

Urinary infection

Take a look at your urine after you have urinated. If there is something wrong with it (its colour too brownish), it can be a sign to diabetes. Urinary infection is one of the most popular first symptoms of diabetes, so you better be careful if you see something like that.  

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