What you need to Know about Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes is categorized into two types, which are the Type I and Type II diabetes mellitus. We live in a world where scary diseases haunt our life if we do not implement a healthy life, and one of the diseases is this one. Diabetes is a frightening disease to all of us since anyone who gets contracted to it would be forced to live with it for its entire life. It causes your body to be unable to handle the glucose you consume and it affects the glucose/sugar in your blood circulation, creating severe complications if not handled properly.

People with diabetes

It is estimated that the number of the people who suffer from this disease are so large- although there is no clear number of how many they actually are worldwide. In the United States alone, there are about 27 million people who suffer from type II. Type II diabetes mellitus is the type of the disease which is suffered by most of the diabetic people. For additional information, it is also estimated that there are also 86 million people in the country who suffer from a condition where their level of blood glucose is too high to be considered normal, but it is still not high enough to make them suffer from any true types of diabetes- either type I or II. This kind of condition is what the experts call as prediabetes- a non-lethal condition but still needs special care to prevent any future threats.

What causes diabetes?

Actually, what causes people with diabetes to accumulate so much glucose into their blood? It is true that we need sugar in order to gain enough energy which is used to perform our daily activities, but it is not recommended that you consume too much amount of sugar. The reason why should not consume an excessive amount of sugar is that you may end up consuming way more your body actually need to consume. And that is pretty bad for you!

But do we know how the glucose is processed into energy for our body? Fortunately, we have figured out how it works. Our body has a specific part which produces a hormone called insulin, and that body part is the pancreas. Insulin is needed by our body in order to help your cell turn the sugar you have consumed into the energy you need for activities. However, the body of the people with Type II diabetes mellitus has a certain anomaly which disadvantages them- the insulin resistance. Insulin resistance prevents the body from utilizing the hormone in a proper way.

When insulin resistance happens, your pancreas will produce more insulin as a response to this strange condition. Your body will still try to get the glucose in your body to be absorbed by your cells. Unfortunately, the response does not provide the hoped result since insulin resistance prevents your body from using the hormone properly. Instead of being absorbed, the sugar builds up into the blood.
But is insulin resistance the only known cause of Type II diabetes mellitus? Unfortunately, the causes of the disease are pretty numerous. Some of them can be found below.

  • Genes. Your genes can affect your chance from contracting the disease as well. Different parts of the human DNA have been discovered by scientists that they have an effect on how the body produces insulin. If you have any parents who suffer from the disease, you will need to double your awareness.
  • Weight. You will need to watch your body weight if you want to avoid this disease. Insulin resistance is more likely to happen to overweight or obese people. Children who have weight problems are also susceptible to type II diabetes.
  • Metabolic syndrome. Usually, people with insulin resistance also suffer from other disadvantages, such as high cholesterol, obesity, high blood pressure, and many more. Having one of these conditions may be a sign of insulin resistance!
  • Overproduction of glucose by the liver. Naturally, a healthy liver will produce and deliver the glucose your body needs when your blood sugar is low. When the blood sugar becomes high, the liver will stop producing glucose. Unfortunately, there are some people who have a liver which keeps producing sugar even when the body does not need it.
  • Incorrect cellular communication. Our cells are expected to work properly at all time. However, some people have cells which fail to do so. The incorrect communication may affect the cells which are supposed to produce insulin or absorb glucose.
  • Damaged beta cells. The cells which produce insulin do not produce the correct amount when it is needed. Your blood sugar may get too high because of this. Cells can also be damaged by high blood sugar.

How to avoid the disease and to prevent it from getting too worse

There are other causes of diabetes that you cannot prevent, such as age (45-year-old people or older are more susceptible), family disease history, or even ethnicity! These factors may not be preventable, but you can do something to lower the risk or prevent it from getting worse- if you have already contracted it. Well, what are the things you can do?

  • Lose your weight. Get in shape and lose your weight. Even small changes could make a significant difference. Preventing diabetes is very effective if you reduce seven to 10 percent of your total body weight.
  • Be more active. Activities require you to consume energy. Energy is taken from your blood sugar. Now, do you see where it goes?
  • Avoid some types of meals. This one needs commitment since most tasty foods contain high carbs, fats, or sugar. Avoiding foods which contain them can effectively prevent diabetes. Red and processed meats should also be reduced in terms of consumption.
  • Stop smoking. Smoking actually causes degenerative effects in your body. Also, the degenerative effects affect you at the cellular level. Quit smoking is a good thing to do from avoiding your body to contract dangerous diseases, like diabetes.
Those are the things to know about the disease. See your doctor in order to figure out how to handle any symptoms. Well, we hope you find this article about Type II diabetes mellitus useful!

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