3 Types of Blood Sugar Test to Check the Sugar Blood Level

Are you looking for the free diabetes testing supplies? If you are joining certain health programs provided by the government or companies where you are working, it is possible to have them. However, the more important thing is probably regarding the types of testing supplies. In general, there are 3 methods to check the blood sugar levels. What are they and how is to do them? Here are the explanations.

General Blood Sugar Test

The test can be conducted anytime and anywhere. Sure, if you have your own tools and supplies, you can just do this test at home no matter when the last time you eat. It is better to do the test randomly in a day since the blood sugar level can just increase or decrease anytime depending on your eating schedule.
If the normal people are conducting this test, the result may vary. Therefore, therefore, the test is actually more recommended for them who have been diagnosed with diabetes. It is because the results tend to be accurate due to their conditions that are no longer normal.

Post-Prandial Blood Sugar Test

Still using the same tools and supplies, there is also another test known as the post-prandial blood sugar test. The test is conducted around 2 hours from the time you are eating. Aside from knowing the current blood sugar level, the test is also functioned to know whether a diabetes patient has applied his or her diet or not. If the level is quite high, there is a possibility that the foods you have consumed before containing a big amount of sugar and carbohydrate and vice versa.

It is possible for sure if the normal people may want to join this type of test. However, it is probably not really necessary since the normal people must increase his or her blood sugar level after eating. But then, the level is continuously decreased and back to normal after some hours of eating. This is something that diabetes patients may no longer experience.

Fasting Blood Sugar Test

The test is commonly conducted when you have not eaten anything for 8 hours. Commonly, you are suggested to do fasting at night before undergoing the test in the morning. This test is conducted as the first test to know whether you have diabetes, pre-diabetes, or none of them.
So far, this test is considered the most accurate one to diagnose the disease. The blood sugar level is considered normal when it is below 100 mg dl.

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