5 Early Signs and Symptoms of Sugar Diabetes

5 Early Signs and Symptoms of Sugar Diabetes – Diabetes is a disease that affects the body’s ability in producing and responding to insulin. When the insulin production cannot be executed well, it causes the high level of blood sugar. But even many people have been suffered from diabetes nowadays, the earlier symptoms are sometimes not known yet. What are those symptoms? Here they are.

Easily Thirsty and Urinating Frequently

Easily thirsty (polydipsia) and urinating frequently (polyuria) are the most common symptoms of diabetes. However, those two symptoms are coming earlier while the patients may not realize them. When you are suffered from diabetes, your body cannot absorb the excess of sugar. Consequently, it makes you urinate more frequently and the lack of liquid also makes you feel easily thirsty. Be aware if you feel those conditions while you are not doing any heavy work.

Easily Hungry

The frequent hunger along with the extreme thirst and urinating mentioned above forms the primary 3 of the diabetes symptoms. The hunger is not because of lacking food consumption but it is due to the body that cannot produce insulin normally. This way, your body cannot convert foods into the glucose as the source of energy. This may make you feel so hungry even after you are eating.

Weakness and Sleepiness

Another earlier symptom of diabetes is the weakness. Then, because you are feeling so weak, you can easily feel sleepy also even if you have enough sleep and rest. Again, it is due to the body cells that don’t have enough glucose for the energy. The dehydration due to the frequent urinating also tends to make someone easily weak.

Blurred Vision

When your vision is blurred, it doesn’t always mean that there is something wrong with your eyes. It can be a symptom of other health problems including diabetes. Initially, this condition is due to the liquid shift that makes the eye lens swollen and changes its forms. It affects the eyes’ ability to focus so that the vision is started to be blurred. In a severe condition, the blur may be worse and the patients can be blind at all. However, is no longer because of the liquid, the problem is due for the damaged nerves for the bloodstream interference.

Sudden Weight-Loss

You should not be happy if your weight is suddenly losing when you are not in the diet program. Well, diabetes can be the main factor of this. The inability of the cells to absorb the glucose causes the body takes other sources to be converted into energy. That’s why; you suddenly look thinner.

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