5 Early Signs of Having Diabetes to Acknowledge

Diabetes is a chronic disease occurred when the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin to press the blood sugar level. Sure, it means that the primary sign of this disease is when your blood sugar is above the normal level. Unfortunately, there are not many people who realize how important to check up their blood sugar regularly. Therefore, the treatments given are often too late.

However, there are actually some early signs of having diabetes you must acknowledge. If you are suffered from those symptoms, make sure to go to the hospital for the medical check up immediately.

Easily Thirsty

It doesn’t mean that all the thirst cases are caused by diabetes. But you must be aware if you are still feeling thirsty even after drinking much water. It is due to the excess of sugar that absorbs the water continuously in the body cells. The problem causes dehydration for sure.

Frequent Urinating

Since you may drink so much, you may urinate frequently as well. Normally, adults excrete one or two liters urine per day. But for the diabetes patients, the amount of urine excreted is more than that. So, don’t underestimate this condition particularly at night. Severe dehydration due to the frequent urinating can disturb the renal functions.

Easily Hungry

The lack of insulin to insert the sugar to the cells weakens the muscles and organs. Consequently, the body is also lack of energy. The brain may suggest this condition as the hunger. This way, the body puts many efforts to increase food consumption by delivering the hunger signal.

Losing Weight

Although the appetite is increased, it is in contrast with the body weight. Yes, the diabetes patients may lose their weights suddenly and drastically. Be careful if the weight is lost up to 5 percent from total body weight. Due to the imperfect glucose metabolism ability, the body uses anything like the fuel and energy sources including the muscles and fat. This way, the patients tend to look thinner.

Tired and Weak

Still about the glucose metabolism that cannot function well, the body is lack of energy. The body performance tends to be slower and it simply burns the muscles and fat when doing the daily activities. This is the main reason why the diabetes patients feel weak and easily tired even their activities are not that heavy.
So, do you experience some or all of the signs of having diabetes above? Check your condition immediately

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