5 Initial Symptoms of Diabetes You May Not Know Before

There are some common diabetes symptoms acknowledged by people like being easily hungry, thirsty, and urinating. But actually, there are some other initial symptoms of diabetes that are not known widely. Some of them are even only experienced by some patients while others may not. So, what are the other diabetes symptoms that you must know as well? Here is the list.

The Change of Skin Condition

Don’t ignore if there is something wrong on your skin. If your skin is getting darker and scaled on the folded areas like the next, elbows, and fingers, it can be the other signs of diabetes. Sure, there are some other factors that can cause such skin conditions like the genetic factor or the lack of treatment. However, it can also be the early warning of the excess of blood sugar.

Sudden Sharp Vision

This condition is quite unique anyway. Commonly, the symptom of diabetes is when the vision is getting blurred. But based on some recent research, some patients with eyes problems tend to find their vision is improved after being diagnosed with diabetes. It is due to the blood sugar changes the vessels and they shift the eyes. But the condition is not for a long time. Later, your vision can be worse than usual.

Continuous Itch

Diabetes, even on its earlier stage, is able to disturb your blood circulation. Consequently, the skin is dry and cracked. This condition may make you feel so itchy continuously and it even cannot be solved by the skin moisturizer. In the beginning you find your skin is so itchy, it is not bad to consult your condition. This way, diabetes can just be detected earlier.

The Decrease of Hearing System

If you must increase the television volume or you cannot hear people talking clearly, maybe, you need to undergo the diabetes checkups. Based on some research, the decrease of the hearing system is one of the diabetes initial symptoms. Although it may not be included in the diabetes criteria, the high level of sugar blood leads to the damage of the hearing system. The percentage is up to 30% higher than normal people.

Snoring More Loudly

Some sleeping disorders are some of the initial symptoms of diabetes. The most common one to detect the increase of blood sugar is the snoring. There is still no further research that learns about the relationship between both. But the most logical possibility is the higher blood sugar he or she has, he or she may release more stress hormones while sleeping. That’s why; this person may snore more loudly.

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