5 Main Early Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes

5 Main Early Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes – There are many people who realize later that they have been suffered from diabetes for years. Sure, it is such a waste. In fact, the sooner you know that you have the disease, a chance to be cured is getting bigger. Well, on this page, you will learn more about the main signs and symptoms of diabetes. Here they are along with the explanations.

Thirsty and Urinating too Often

If you want to pee more often than usual, it can be one of the diabetes symptoms. Moreover, it is when you need to wake up at night just for the toiler. This is due to the kidneys that attempt to dispose the excess of blood sugar from the body. So, be aware if you urinate more than 7 times a day. Meanwhile, for the frequent urinating, you may feel thirsty although you have enough water. Your body needs more liquid to replace them that has been thrown via urine.

Simply Hungry

In the human body, the foods are converted into glucose. Glucose is used as the energy source by all the cells, tissues, and organs. Well, insulin is the hormone that is responsible to run this process. If your body fails to produce or respond to the insulin, the energy you need may not be found even if you have eaten so much. Consequently, you always feel hungry and hungry for the lack of energy.

Weight Loss

This is the continuity of the hunger feeling mentioned above anyway. Your body cannot process the energy from glucose on this stage. Therefore, it looks for the other sources including the fat and calorie. This way, you may look thinner than before if you are not conducting a diet program. Meanwhile, this is also caused by the kidneys that dispose of more calories and sugar that have been too much in your body.

Dry Skin and Lips

If you find your skin and lips so dry and even itchy, scaly, and broken, it means that your body is lack of water. When you have diabetes, your body loses much water through urine. Next, the skin and lips lose its natural moisture.

Tingling and Numbness

The excess of blood sugar causes the nerve damages. As results, there are certain troubles on your skin that are related to the blood vessels. They are tingling, numbness, itch, and even the hands or legs look swollen.

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