5 Main Reasons for Diabetes in the Younger Ages

What is the reason for diabetes in the younger ages? Most of the diabetes patients are the elderly indeed. However, it doesn’t mean that this risk is not for the younger people as well. In fact, many young adults and even kids and teenagers have been diagnosed with diabetes nowadays. Sadly, the number of young diabetics is getting increased from year to year. There are some reasons for diabetes in the younger ages. Here they are.

Pancreatic Dysfunction

Pancreatic dysfunction is a disorder commonly suffered by the patients of diabetes type 1. This condition happens when the pancreas is not able to produce insulin which is important to turn the foods into energy. Well, if the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin or the production is none at all, it simply increases the blood sugar level and causes diabetes.

The Genetic Factor

When your father or mother is a diabetes patient, it doesn’t always mean that you must be suffered from the disease someday. However, it means that the possibility of you being suffered is getting higher. Even if you cannot control your eating habit, you can even find this disease in you earlier. Based on this fact, it should be a reminder for all people with the family history of diabetes in which they need to apply a healthier lifestyle.

Virus Infection

The infection of a virus can just damage the body cells even in those young people. It leads to the autoimmune response that affects the pancreatic system. As it has been mentioned above, the pancreatic dysfunction causes diabetes since this organ cannot produce insulin in the right amount. There are some types of virus that cause this problem including Cytomegalovirus, Adenovirus, Rubella, and Coxsackievirus.


If you think that you are gaining more weight than how it should be, it seems that the risk of diabetes is getting higher. Ironically, this weight problem is often experienced by young people and even the kids. Meanwhile, this condition avoids the body to respond to insulin. Sure, not only diabetes but also obesity may cause some cardiovascular problems like cholesterol and heart attack.

Bad Eating Habit

Everybody knows that consuming junk food, sweets, and carbonated beverages lead to health problems including diabetes. However, they may think that the diseases just appear when they are older. This perception is wrong anyway. If your immune system is weak even the elderly diseases can be suffered now when you are still young.

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