5 Main Symptoms of Diabetes to be Aware of

Diabetes mellitus cannot be simply healed indeed. However, the development of diabetes tends to be slower compared with any other chronic diseases. Before it is claimed as severe, it needs months or even years for this disease to grow and attack. Meanwhile, the symptoms also appear gradually so they cannot be simply detected.
No matter how difficult they are to acknowledge, there are some main symptoms of diabetes you must know. What are they?

Continuously Thirsty

Polydipsia is a condition when someone feels extremely thirsty and it is known as the initial symptom of diabetes. More than just being really thirsty, the patients may also feel their mouths so dry and uncomfortable. However, normal people can also feel that way when the weather is indeed hot or they just do some hectic activities. Therefore, the symptoms tend to be blurred but you must still be aware.

Urinating Frequently

As a result of you are thirsty and drinking too much, you may urinate more frequently than usual. The abnormal volume of urine is also known as Polyura. Normally, adults excrete 1-2 liters urine per day. You must be careful if you are excreting approximately more than that amount. There are some further effects of this condition including renal problems due to the dehydration.

Easily Hungry

Not only is it about the thirst, but you can be easily hungry also. The condition is named Polyphagia when someone is extremely hungry due to diabetes. The lack of insulin to deliver the sugar into the cells decreases the energy. Meanwhile, the brain responds to it wrongly as it assumes that the lack of energy is caused by the hunger. This way, the body attempts to improve the food intake.

Weight Loss

Although the appetite is improving, the weight is in contrast. The patients may experience drastic weight loss. On the other hand, the adults’ body weight tends to be stable from year to year when their conditions are normal. The diabetic weight loss is due to disorders of glucose metabolism ability. Your body may use anything as the source of energy including the fat and muscle. This way, you may look much thinner.


When your diabetes is getting severe, you can be easily infected particularly if being wounded. It is because the wound itself that cannot be easily dry and healed. The blood has been damaged by the excess of sugar and it disturbs the blood clotting process.

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