5 Signs of Diabetes in Men to be Aware

What are some signs of diabetes in men? Everybody can be suffered from diabetes. But for some men, the risks are getting higher particularly for them the smokers and alcoholics. Meanwhile, although in general, the diabetes signs are the same between men and women, there are additional symptoms that happen only in men. What are they?

Extremely Thirsty

The level of thirst in male and female diabetes patients tends to be different in which the male tends to be higher. The male patients also urinate more frequently due to the excess of sugar level. Both processes are basically a way of the body to avoid dehydration. As long as the sugar blood level is still not controlled well, the problems are not easily stopped.

Uncommon Weight Loss

This sign can happen in both men and women. But it is found more often in men. It is due to the disposal of sugar through urine so that the body cannot find enough energy sources. Consequently, the energy is taken from other sources including the fat under the skin. Besides, no matter how much you eat, it becomes useless since the insulin is not able to distribute the sugar as the main source of energy.

Bigger Appetite

Even in the normal condition, men tend to have a bigger appetite than the women. Therefore, when a man has been suffered from diabetes, the appetite is getting higher as the brain always sends the signal of hunger. The sugar backup is decreased and the body feels weaker. Well, this is how the brain differently translates the feeling of weakness into the hunger. While he is conducting a medical checkup, the sugar blood level is still high.

The Nerve Damages

The excess of sugar is also able to damage the nerve system. It causes the interference of the bloodstream around nerve cells including in the areas of eyes and kidneys. In general, there are three types of nerves damaged by diabetes; they are the nerves of motor, sensory, and autonomy. The damaged cells by diabetes are also commonly called neuropathy and it must be treated immediately.

Erectile Dysfunction

When diabetes is suffered in a long time, there is one more risk that only happens in men. It is the erectile dysfunction. In the more severe condition, this problem turns into impotence. The damaged nerves problem doesn’t only happen around the eyes and kidneys but for men, it may occur within the reproduction system.

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