7 Early Symptoms of Diabetes

What are the early symptoms of diabetes? This is an important question that you must ask yourself, in order to get the correct treatment before diabetes turns into a more severe condition. Having information about the symptoms also gives you a chance to prevent any damages that are caused by diabetes. So, below, we will explain the 7 early sign of diabetes you can easily notice.

1.    You will urinate a lot

This is the common condition that most of the diabetic or people with diabetes have. This condition is also known as polyuria. It happens because your kidney can’t process the too much glucose in your blood. Therefore, your kidney will tell your body to throw it away.

2.    You thirst at the extreme level

It is related to the first symptoms. Your body will need more water to excrete the glucose out of your kidney. Therefore, you want to drink more water.

3.     You will always hungry

Your body uses glucose as the fuel and turns it into energy in your cell. For diabetic, this system is broken. Because there is too much glucose, your body doesn’t want to absorb more. But, that makes your cell doesn’t get enough glucose. And, it will command your body to get more from food. And, that makes you hungry.

4.    You feel numb on your limbs

Your hands, feet, and fingers will feel numb. In some case, you can experience nerve pain. Usually, it happens on diabetic that lives years with diabetes. But, it also can occur at the earlier stage.

5.    Your wound heal much slower

Have you ever wondered why your wound doesn’t heal like what it should be? It can be a sign of diabetes.  The high glucose will disturb the blood circulation that brings the nutrition and other substance that your body needs to heal the wound. That makes the healing process slower or even stops at all.

6.    Your vision capability is decreasing

Usually, your vision will become blurry. The high blood sugar will affect the blood vessels in your eyes. This will cause the blurry thing. Go to the doctor, otherwise, it can cause blindness.

7.    Some part of your skin become darker
You can see this sign on the armpits, neck, groins, and other parts of your body. Your skin also become thicker on that darkened part.

If you found one of those symptoms, it doesn’t mean that you have become a diabetic. There is a chance that you are still at the earlier stage. Thus, by changing your lifestyle and correct treatment, you can prevent the diabetes problem.

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