A Menu Sample for 1800 Calorie Diabetic Diet

Consuming healthy foods is important for anyone. But for the diabetes patients, it becomes much more essential. You even need to change your eating habits to control the sugar blood level. Sure, it is probably quite difficult to be done instantly but you don’t have any choice except starting it from now.

One of the most recommended diet programs for diabetes patients is the 1800 calorie diabetic diet. It means that the number of calories is limited only around 1800 calories per days. When your condition is quite severe, the calories given should be fewer for around 1500 calories. Adding more vegetables is necessary to help you find enough nutrition. So, how is the example of this diet? Check them out.


For the breakfast, you can eat the toast alongside one tablespoon of butter. For enough protein, you can add 2 boiled eggs. Are you bored of eating the toast every day? Change it with a bowl or cereals; make sure there is no additional sugar in it. Since the cereals are the sources of carbohydrate, there is still the amount of glucose there. A total of calories for this breakfast package are 280.

It is not bad to have morning snacks but for the sake of your health, the fruits seem to be more necessary. A slice of melon, an apple, and low-fat yogurt are the best choices. A total of calories for the morning snacks is 195.


Since you have enough carbohydrate to start the day, you can lessen it for lunch. Be sure to consume more greens like spinach, cucumber, carrots, and the likes. You can combine all of them into a salad by adding the oil and vinegar. Eat those greens with the slices of chicken breast. A total of calories for this menu are 262.

Meanwhile, if you need snacks, choose the nutritious ones from the nut categories. Anyway, almond is the best and it can be enjoyed together with a cup of coffee. The calories for the snacks are only 105.


You can spoil yourself with the delicious dinner menu. It is not bad to consume more calories but it should be done at least 2 hours before going to bed. For the balance nutrition, steam a cup of rice and then eat it together with the grilled salmon and asparagus. Add the baked cassava if it is necessary. For all of them, the total calories are 726.

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