All Symptoms of Diabetes You Should Know

Because they are quite similar to those of the other diseases, all symptoms of diabetes are often ignored. Ironically, many people just realize that they have diabetes when their conditions have been chronics and not easily cured. Meanwhile, some symptoms can actually be felt years before the disease is quite severe. So, what are those symptoms? Check them out.

Significant Weight Loss

Losing weight is something common mainly if you are in a diet program. But if the weight loss happens continuously and significantly, you must be aware since it can be one of the diabetes symptoms. Yes, one of the early symptoms of this disease is regarding the drastic and significant weight loss. It is due to the glucose that cannot be absorbed optimally by the body.

Appetite Increasing

It is possible if the appetite increasing of someone is an early sign of diabetes. The body cells expect enough glucose sourced from the foods. However, the body is not in the optimal condition and it cannot respond to the signal properly. The condition causes a feeling of continuous hunger.

Higher Urinating Intensity

One of the common symptoms of diabetes is when you just want to urinate more frequently than usual. It is basically the continuity of the feeling of thirsty but your body cannot process the water well due to the absorption of water by the excess of sugar.

Tingling and Numbness

The symptom is experienced when the blood sugar level is high enough. The tingling and numbness are commonly felt in the body parts like hands, feet, and fingers. You should be really careful if you have the symptoms. It is just a sign that your diabetes has been in the higher stadium.

Blurred Vision

The high level of sugar blood makes the blood vessel liquid is blocked to enter the eyes. This condition really disturbs your eyes and it causes the blurred vision. In a severe condition, even the eye lens changes its shape and the patients can be totally blind. Meanwhile, your vision can be improved if the blood sugar level is decreased and back to normal.

Unhealed Wound

The high level of blood sugar damages the blood system itself including its ability to heal the wound. Meanwhile, it causes the abnormal immune system as well. Consequently, if you are injured, the wound cannot be easily dry and healed. Even the wound can spread to the area around. To avoid the spreading, the final treatment to do is the amputation

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