Best Foods You Can Put on A Menu for Type 2 Diabetes

Knowing the menu for type 2 diabetes can help you to live with diabetes. Knowing what food to eat can ensure your blood sugar stable or even lower it. Thankfully, it does not mean you cannot eat some foods you love.

What Can You Eat?

The first thing you need to know is that different foods have different effects on your blood sugar. Carbohydrates, that you can find in grains, pasta, milk, bread, fruit, and sweets, can raise your blood sugar. The reason is that carbohydrates can be turned into glucose faster compared to other kinds of food. Eating too many carbohydrates can cause hyperglycemia.

Meanwhile, fats and protein do not affect your blood sugar directly. Even so, it does not mean you do not need to limit the number of fats and protein you consume. When you want to make the menu for type 2 diabetes, you need to monitor the foods with a high amount of carbohydrates.

What is the Limit of Carbohydrates You Can Eat?

You need to count the percentage of carbohydrate in your diet. Based on the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, usually, the percentage of carbohydrates is around 45 to 65 percent. For people with diabetes though, you should go for the lower number.
Then, you need to multiply that percentage by the target calorie you decided. If you are unsure, you can always ask for help from a registered dietician.

Best Food for People with Type 2 Diabetes

One of the best foods you can eat if you have type 2 diabetes is non-starchy vegetables. Besides, you can also eat nuts and seeds, lean protein, and whole grains. You can also take fresh fruits and foods with healthy fats in small portions. You should limit your intake of sugar and processed carbohydrates, such as candy, soda, and other packaged snacks.

Foods High in Protein You Can Eat

When you have diabetes, the American Diabetes Association recommends you to eat food with lean proteins and low in saturated fats. Looking for the right food might be even more challenging if you choose to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. But you can depend on foods like nuts, tofu, and beans.

One thing to remember though is that you need to limit the number of nuts you eat since it has high calories and fat. If you want to make the menu for type 2 diabetes, you should try or at least limit your intake of packaged foods because they are high in sodium, which can cause your blood pressure to rise thus, increasing your risk of stroke or heart disease

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