Defining Diabetes: What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes Type 2?

Aside from the infamous type 1, you might find yourself questioning the matter of what are the signs and symptoms of diabetes type 2. Diabetes type 2 is caused by a whole set of problems different from diabetes type 1. While diabetes type 1 often happens because of a defect on the gene, diabetes type 2 happens because of external intervention. It is the type of diabetes that is more prevalent in a country where obesity is a major disease (you can even outright say that obesity IS the main cause of diabetes type 2). 

While in diabetes type 1 the body is incapable of producing enough insulin thanks to a faulty immune system, people with diabetes type 2 is resistant to insulin. In the case of type 2 diabetes, people can produce insulin as normal, but because the cell’s resistance to insulin, the insulin produced would not be enough for each cell. This will lead to diabetes type 2, a disease that will stick with you for life.

The major signs and symptoms of the two diabetes types are mostly the same, but there are several differences between them. Here are the signs and symptoms of diabetes type 2 that you will not find in diabetes type 1:

Numb or tingling by the limbs

When diabetes type 2 strikes, there is a chance that it can strike your nerve system, thus giving you a numb or tingling sensation on the limbs. While numbness can be an indicator of diabetes type 2, it is a symptom that is not exclusive to the disease. If the numbness happens without being accompanied by other symptoms underneath, it might be too hasty to say that it is caused by diabetes.

Yeast infection

Yeast infection often happens near the vaginal or penile area. If you contract it more than usual, there is a chance that you might have diabetes type 2. Yeast infection is a pretty nasty disease that you would never want to contract. It causes itchiness on the private bit, and talking about it can be a pretty embarrassing thing. While normal people can get rid of their yeast infection a tad bit soon, diabetics are doomed to have the thing for a long time.

Mood swings

Diabetes type 2 often found its way to the more ‘moody’ part of our body. It can even cause mood swings sometimes, too. This happens because acknowledging that you are a diabetic can be a very stressful thing to do.

This is the end of today’s topic. Now that you know what are the signs and symptoms of diabetes type 2, we hope this article can be very helpful in helping you know whether you got that type of diabetes or not.

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