Diabetes and Its Know-Hows: What Can Cause Diabetes?

If you want to know what can cause diabetes, then you should rejoice because below you will find the causes of it all. Both types of diabetes are caused by different things, but you should still check these reasons below to know when or how you will contract diabetes:

Old age can cause this

Diabetes type 2 is caused by the body’s incapability to produce insulin or by the body’s tendency to grow resistant to insulin. Do you know what can cause both of these factors? Age. As people grow older, their body will start losing its capability to do anything. When they grow older, perhaps their pancreas would not be able to produce enough insulin thanks to age.

If not, perhaps they have evolved the wrong way and made their bodies resistant to insulin. Evolutions come after a long time have passed, and if you are one of the lucky few who changed to worst, then there is a chance that you will get diabetes.

Obesity is another major concern

If you are an obese person, not only you will risk getting a heart attack, the chance of you getting diabetes will soar as well. Obesity is a very problematic thing, especially if you are someone who knows you are obese but you still do not try anything about it. For some reasons, if you are fat to the bone, your body will be more resistant to insulin. Nobody knows what the reasons are, but one study has suggested that it is caused by over-consumption of sugar (which obese people are known for).

A sedentary lifestyle

Sedentary means ‘unmoving’ or ‘a condition of always being seated somewhere’. A sedentary lifestyle will net you diabetes if you keep doing it over and over again. If you are a couch potato, the chances of you catching diabetes can be pretty high.

Do some physical exercises if you can. If you are too lazy for your liking, then you could at the very least walk everywhere. Ditch the scooter for a bit of walking when you are trying to get to that local minimarket. Instead of riding a mobility scooter through a Walmart, walk around the isles and enjoy the view. Mobility scooters, unless they are worn by people with real physical disabilities (obesity is more of mental disability if it needs to be asked), will invite mockery and judging stares from other folks not using it.

In conclusion...

You can directly say that an unmoving life is something that will make your diabetes chance go up by a mile. Keep running if you can, and if you cannot run, walk. If you cannot walk, then do whatever it takes to keep your body sweating at least once a day. Avoid sugar, too, because it can make your body resistant to insulin. Only by moving and a healthy-consumption of sugar can lead you away from what can cause diabetes, so do both of them if you do not want to be forced to avoid sugar altogether.

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