Diabetes: Types, Symptoms, Risk Factors, and Treatments

Diabetes, what is it? Diabetes is one of the chronic diseases signed by the high level of sugar blood. The glucose that is accumulated in the blood and it cannot be absorbed well by the body cells can cause various disorders. Sure, if the diabetic problems are not controlled well, it can be really dangerous and deadly.

Types of Diabetes

In general, diabetes is classified into 2; diabetes type 1 and type 2. Diabetes type 1 is caused by the inability of the pancreas to produce insulin. There are some factors of this condition including the immune system disorders. Meanwhile, diabetes type 2 is more common around us. It is because of the body that is not really sensitive towards insulin so that the hormone cannot be utilized well. The bad lifestyle and genetic factors are often accused of.
Aside from those 2 types, there is also gestational diabetes suffered by the pregnant women. It is due to the normal changes and the blood sugar level can be back to normal after the labor.

Symptoms of Diabetes

There are many symptoms of diabetes. Some of them are only experienced by some patients while others are not. However, there are some symptoms that are very common so that almost all patients may have experienced them. Those common symptoms are the feeling of thirst and hunger, frequent urinating, lack of muscle mass, blurred vision, weakness, and infection.
Meanwhile, some other symptoms that are experienced differently by patients are the itch, skin getting darker, snore, sharper vision, and more. Sure, if you are struggling with some of the symptoms mentioned above, it is better to check your conditions immediately.

Risk Factors of Diabetes

Someone can be more easily suffered from diabetes if they have some risk factors. They are the history of family members with diabetes, obesity, lack of physical activities, hypertension, abnormal cholesterol level, and virus infection. Particularly in diabetes type 1, there are more cases of the disease are suffered by white people although the reason has still not known yet.

Treatments for Diabetes

The diabetes patients must undergo certain diet programs particularly those that allow them eating more vegetables, fruits, proteins, and seeds as well as the other foods that are low calorie and fat. It is recommended to consult the conditions to the doctor or nutritionist for the best daily consumption.
Meanwhile, the exercises and other physical activities are also needed to improve the sensitivity of cells toward insulin. For diabetes type 1 patients, they may need insulin therapy to control the blood sugar level.

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