Early Common Signs of Diabetes

Common signs of diabetes will help people to understand this health condition better. It is necessary to recognize this health condition as soon as possible because it means that they can treat and manage it better. Here are some common signs which can be experienced by diabetic patients.

Hungrier and More Tired

People eat the food which will be converted into glucose in the body. The glucose will be used by the cells as the energy source. However, the insulin will be needed at this stage for bringing the glucose in. when there is not enough or no insulin which is made by the body; there is no energy which can be used by the cell. The same condition can also be found when the cell does not accept the insulin made by the body. This condition can be found often in the diabetic patient. That is why when people have diabetes; it is possible that they will be hungrier and more tired that they used to feel.

More Peeing and Thirstier

People with diabetes may pee more often than they used to. When the glucose passes through the kidneys, the body normally will reabsorb it. However, people with diabetes will have a higher level of blood sugar and that is why the kidneys will find it hard to reabsorb it. The urine will be produced more in the body so people will pee more often. For producing more urine, there will be more fluids needed. That is why being thirstier will also be the common signs of diabetes.

Dry Mouth and Itchy Skin

More fluids are used by the body for making more urine. It means that the moisture in other parts of the body will be reduced as well. That is why people with diabetes can suffer from dehydration. It can be seen from the dry mouth as well as dry skin which make it feel itchy.

Blurred Vision

It is sure that the change of fluids level in the body makes a great difference which will be experienced by people who suffer from diabetes. That is why there are various common signs which are associated with the lower level of fluids in the body. This condition can cause the swelling up of the eye lenses. The shape of the lenses will change. As the result, they will also lose their ability to focus. The blurred vision can be considered as one of the common signs of diabetes.

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