How can someone be suffered from diabetes type 2?

Diabetes how do you get it? Diabetes is a condition that influences the body’s ability in using insulin properly. Particularly in the diabetes type 2, the patients’ pancreas is still able to produce insulin but the amount is not enough to control the increase of blood sugar level. The condition is often related to the lifestyle and obesity factor. Meanwhile, the types of lifestyle that are considered causing diabetes are as follow; not active or barely moving, not doing exercises, smoking, and unhealthy eating habits (the consumption of much sugar and fat as well as low fiber).
Meanwhile, there are some other conditions or factors that simply increase the risks of diabetes. What are they?

Family Medical History

Although it cannot be said that diabetes is a genetic disease, the risk factor indeed tends to be genetic. Well, if there is a member of your family having this disease, you have more risk to suffer from diabetes. It is quite scary indeed but you can use it as a reminder to apply the healthier lifestyle.


Certain races or ethnicities have more possibilities toward the threat of diabetes type 2. They are including the African-American, Hispanic, Native American, and Asian. Despite it is related to the genetic factor, the lifestyle plays important roles in this matter. Those ethnicities tend to consume more staple foods that contain sugar and carbohydrate. Meanwhile, the physical activities tend to be fewer.


The older you are, the risk of being the patients of diabetes is getting higher. The risk of diabetes starts to increase when you are entering 45 years old. Meanwhile, when you are above 65, the risk is multiplied exponentially. Uniquely, diabetes is actually not a disease that comes so suddenly. Well, you may experience this disease when you are getting older. However, it is actually the accumulation of your bad lifestyle in your lifetime.

While diabetes is commonly suffered by the elderly, it doesn’t mean that the young people cannot be affected by it. In fact, the number of young patients of diabetes is getting increased recently. When your immune system is weaker, the disease more easily attacks.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) also increases the risk of diabetes type 2 as it is related to the insulin resistance. For the PCOS cases, it is due to the cyst that is formed inside the ovary. If you have this problem, there is a higher chance that your body is resistant toward insulin. That’s why diabetes is suffered.

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