How Do We Get Diabetes in Young Age

There are many ways of how do we get diabetes, however, before we get to know the process of how it develops, it’s good to understand what diabetes is. Talking about diabetes means impossible to not to talk about insulin. Insulin is hormone in charge of processing the blood glucose we get from food to be energy we need in daily life. Diabetes is condition where insulin fails its task. This results the high level of blood glucose or blood sugar in our body.

Nowadays, diabetic is one of the most common disease in the world. As technology advances time through time, it leads people to live carefree and eventually having bad lifestyle. We will ignore how much time we need to take sleep because internet is more interesting. We would choose anything delicious rather than consider the balance intake of carbohydrate, protein and vegetable. Moreover, we are too lazy to get exercise because most of us unwilling to left the play full screen. Those habits explain how do we get diabetes even in young age.

The intake of blood sugar we get is depending on how much we eat. If the food we consume is not balance with physical activity, it causes much blood sugar left idle in our body. Furthermore, the insulin which is in charge to elaborate blood sugar is not produced plenty enough. In order to eradicate the excessive blood sugar, the body have to produce more insulin.

As the body demanding more insulin while pancreas can not keep up, it causes the blood glucose circulating through the body along with the blood. Here on, the damages start. If this condition takes place for certain length time, even if the insulin have been produced, it’ll be ineffective to elaborate glucose to the cells. This results the blood sugar stagnan at high level. At this point, we will surely feel tired and other symptoms of diabetic.

Generally, when we are diagnosed of diabetes, the doctor will suggest us to change our lifestyle. The most important warning will be the food. We should start to avoid high sugar consumption such as fast food and sodas. We need to add nutritious and fresh ingredients into our diet. Calories is also enemy for diabetic person. Empty calories will only give us bad fats and we don’t get any nutritional advantages. We should also stop or at least lessen alcohol time by time. Lastly, physical exercises is what we should do routine. It doesn’t only keep the body healthy but also helps your mind calm.

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