In Type 2 Diabetes, Blood Sugar Level Will be Affected

For people with type 2 diabetes, blood sugar is still the one thing they need to watch out for. The symptoms of diabetes type two are also similar to diabetes type one. Here is what you need to know about diabetes type two.

Diabetes Type Two

Diabetes type two is also known as adult-onset diabetes. People with diabetes one, they are unable to produce insulin. That is not the case with people with diabetes type two.
When you have diabetes type two, your body either is unable to produce enough insulin or that it cannot use the insulin as effectively as healthy people. When the body cannot use the insulin effectively, it means that the body has built up resistance to insulin.

Unfortunately, there is no known cure for diabetes type two. You can manage the condition by choosing the right diet, exercising routinely, and making sure you do not have obesity

Causes of Diabetes Types Two

You will be diagnosed with diabetes types two when your body does not produce insulin enough or when your body becomes resistant to insulin. Unfortunately, the medical experts still do not know what causes such things. It is believed that there are genetic factors and environmental factors such as obesity and inactivity.

The Function of Insulin

Insulin is produced by the pancreas. In healthy people, the pancreas will secrete insulin to the bloodstream. Insulin will enable the sugar you consume to get into your cells.
Thus, insulin will lower the amount of sugar. When the level of blood sugar drops, the pancreas will also decrease the amount of insulin it produces.

Symptoms of Diabetes Type Two

People with type 2 diabetes, blood sugar in their bloodstream is much higher. There are some symptoms you can look out for to know whether or not you have diabetes type two.
One of the is feeling thirstier than usual. People with diabetes type two, their bodies are unable to change sugar into energy. This means that there will be sugar buildup in their bloodstream.
This excess sugar pulls fluids from the muscles. That is why people who suffer from diabetes will feel thirstier than usual and drink more. In turn, this makes them feel the need to pee more often.

Another symptom is increased hunger. Without enough insulin, your muscles and organs will be depleted of energy. This will make you feel intense hunger. This can also make you feel unusually exhausted.
With type 2 diabetes, blood sugar level will be affected. This can cause various health problems.

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