Insulin and The Lack of It: The Sole Main Cause of Diabetes

Curious about the main cause of diabetes? If you are, then perhaps you should look at this article because you will certainly find the answer to that question you might have been asking.
Diabetes is a nasty disease that can be caused by different problems, but if you are asking about the true major cause of diabetes, then you can narrow the answer down to one problem, which is:

A lack of insulin

Insulin is one of the most important parts that your body have. It is basically a hormone that enables your body to benefit from the sugar that you have consumed. You can see it as a regulator of a sort, one which regulates the glucose (which is sugar, but more scientific) so that it would not go too low or too high for your body’s liking.

Your blood cells need sugar for it to be able to work. If it got no sugar, it would surely break and you would not be able to live a normal life. Because sugar to blood cells is like raw meat for us humans, blood cell cannot directly consume that sugar. The sugar needs to be processed first before the blood cells can absorb it, much like we need to cook the meat first before we eat it. While you can technically eat a slice of raw meat, it would not be healthy for you to do so. The same theory applies to blood cells and sugar as well.

This sugar ‘cooking’ process is done by insulin. Some people have said that insulin is like a key that allows glucose to enter the blood cells. Judging from how they really work, those people (the ones saying insulin is a key) are probably right.

Now if your body lacks insulin, all hell would break loose. Your body will lose its most important sugar regulator, and that could lead to a lack of sugar (hypoglycemia) or too much sugar in your body (hyperglycemia). Both are definitely bad for the body, of course.
Diabetic people are people who cannot produce enough insulin for the body or people who cannot produce insulin at all. While the adverse effects would show themselves at first, the long-term effect of having hyperglycemia is very bad.

There are type 1 and type 2 diabetes, right?

You are right with that. There are two kinds of diabetes, all caused by different things. While the major cause of the two types is basically the same (a lack of insulin), both come because of different things. People claim that type 2 diabetes is caused by excessive consumption of sugar while they are still trying to find the main cause of diabetes type 1.

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