Physical Symptoms of Diabetes that you need to be Aware of

Here are physical symptoms of diabetes of both type 1 and 2 that you need to be aware of. To tell whether someone has diabetes or not is actually pretty easy to do as long as you know the symptoms that commonly occur. Unfortunately, though, early symptoms can be pretty subtle that most people would not notice them. This could be dangerous since it could cause dangerous effects due to the long-term damage caused by the disease itself. Now, let us check the symptoms out, shall we?

Common symptoms

There are several symptoms that both types of diabetes share in common. Well, this fact is true even though each of the types has several factors that differentiate between them; they can actually share several of them in common. You will need to be careful and see your doctor if one of these occurs in your body. The symptoms that will take place to both types of diabetes can be read below this sentence!

1.      Your mouth becomes dry. 

The first symptom that takes place in both diabetes type 1 and 2 would be the condition which makes your mouth become drier than it should be. Diabetes makes you dehydrated and it causes your body to get drier. This one happens more noticeably around your mouth since it is supposed the part where your body produces more liquid.

2.      Your skin becomes itchy. 

The other common physical symptoms of diabetes type 1 and 2 would be the itchy sensation around your skin. What causes your skin to feel so itchy, by the way? Well, although your skin encounters no irritation from the outside, it gets itchy since your body gets dehydrated when it suffers from the diabetic condition. As mentioned earlier, dehydrated skin is caused by diabetes since your body loses so many fluids that should have been moisturizing your skin. Often, dried skin feels annoyingly itchy.

3.      Irresistible urge to pee more often. 

This one is the cause of the symptoms mentioned previously. However, the cause of this condition is caused by the disease itself since your body loses more urine than it normally would be. This is due to your kidney’s inability to absorb the fluid from your blood since it is contaminated with too much glucose. Then, your body spends more body fluid to produce urine in order to cleanse your body, although this attempt is hardly effective to remedy such condition.

Those are the symptoms you need to know. By learning them, you can figure out the exact time to call a doctor. We hope that you find this article regardingphysical symptoms of diabetes helpful!

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