Signs of Diabetes in Adults: Common and Specific Symptoms of Diabetes

You need to know the signs of diabetes in adults to be able to tell whether or not you have diabetes. Unfortunately, the early signs are so mild that sometimes, you simply do not notice them.

Common Symptoms

There are two types of diabetes. Usually, the symptoms of diabetes type one and two are similar. But, people with diabetes one will show the symptoms earlier and usually, the symptoms are more severe.
One of the common symptoms of diabetes type one and two are hunger and exhaustion. People with diabetes usually are unable to turn glucose or sugar into energy. That is why they often feel unusually tired and weak.

Besides, since your body is unable to bring sugar to your cells, it will deplete energy from your organs and muscles. This can make you feel intense hunger.
Another common symptom is that you are thirstier and you need to urinate more often. In 24 hours, healthy people usually only need to pee around four to seven times. People with diabetes feel the need to urinate more often than that.
The reason is that diabetes makes your cell unable to turn sugar into energy, which causes a buildup of sugar in the bloodstream. This will make the fluids from your tissues being pulled up. That is why you feel thirstier.

Symptoms of Diabetes Type Two

When you have diabetes types two, there are some particular signs of diabetes in adults you need to watch out for. For example yeast infections. People with diabetes have glucose, which yeast needs. That is why people with diabetes might suffer from yeast infections.
These infections might grow in moist and warm fold of skin, such as under breasts, between toes and fingers, and in or around sex organs.

Symptoms of Diabetes Type One

People with diabetes type one cannot produce insulin which means their bodies cannot get energy from sugar. That is why their bodies will look for other fuels, such as muscle and fat. That is why people with diabetes usually will lose weight even if they eat as usual.

When Should You Call A Doctor?

You need to check whether or not you have diabetes when you are older than 45 years old or when you have other risks. If you can notice diabetes early, you can make sure that you do not get heart trouble, nerve damage, or other complications.
The signs of diabetes in adults you need to watch out for are bad stomach ache, the feeling of intense hunger and thirst, and if you need to urinate often.

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