Sugar Diabetes Type 2 Basics

Sugar diabetes type 2 becomes the health condition which is suffered more and more by many modern people. There must be some reasons why there are more people who have this condition. In this circumstance, people need to know the basics of diabetes type 2.


The very first thing which people should know is the causes which can make people become a diabetic. People who have diabetes type 2 have the ability to produce insulin but the cells show the resistance to this hormone. That is why this condition is called the insulin resistance. There are some conditions which can cause insulin resistance. It can be related to genes because some researchers showed that the way insulin made by the body will be affected by the DNA bits. There are also some other causes which can be found including the overweight body, metabolic syndrome, too much glucose made by the liver, wrong signals between cells, and beta cells which are broken.

Risk Factors

It is sure that people should also learn more about the risk factors of sugar diabetes type 2. It will be useful since it will make them able to prevent this condition when they have the proper awareness about the risk factors. There are some risk factors which they cannot control such as being more than 45 years old, having a family with diabetes, and ethnicity background.

Nevertheless, there are also some risk factors which can be helped by the doctor such as pre-diabetes condition, a disease of the blood vessel and heart, hypertension, low good cholesterol, high level of triglycerides, overweight, delivering the large baby, gestational diabetes, and depression. People can also find the risk factors which are associated with lifestyle and daily habit including stress, smoking, lack of exercise, and too much or too little sleeping.


It is true that there is nothing which people can change from the past. However, people can make sure that there are things which they can do today for preventing diabetes. Lose weight becomes the very first prevention step which people should take so the risk factor can be cut. Being more active will be useful as well because they will use insulin for moving the muscles. Of course, they also have to start eating healthily by consuming healthy foods. Some people try to lose weight by smoking but quit smoking will also be an important step for cutting the risk factor of the sugar diabetes type 2.

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