Symptoms of Adult Onset Diabetes: Type One and Type Two

There are symptoms of adult onset diabetes. There are two types of diabetes: type one and type two. Each of these types has its own symptoms.

Causes of Diabetes Type One

Unfortunately, right now, there are no known causes of diabetes type one. Doctors believe that genes have a role in whether or not someone gets afflicted with diabetes type one. One thing the doctors are sure is that there is something wrong in the immune system of people who have diabetes type one.

The immune system is your body's defense system against germs. But, in people with diabetes type one, their immune system destroys beta cells in their pancreas. The function of those beta cell is to make the insulin hormone. Insulin's function is to let glucose get into your cells. There, the glucose will be turned into energy.
Since people with diabetes type one does not produce insulin, the glucose will build up in their bloodstream instead. This can create serious health problems.

Symptoms of Diabetes Type One

Whether you have diabetes type one or two, the symptoms of adult onset diabetes might be similar. One of the symptoms is that you will feel extreme thirst or hunger. You might also feel the need to pee often.
If you are unable to breathe well, it might be one of the symptoms of diabetes type one. Another symptom is you feel unusually weak and tired. People with diabetes might also lose weight out of the blue. People with diabetes type one also have blurred vision, breath with fruity smells, and vaginal yeast infection.

Causes of Diabetes Type Two

People will suffer from diabetes type two when their bodies stop producing insulin or when their body becomes resistant to insulin. Unfortunately, medical experts do not know as to what makes the body stops producing insulin or becomes resistant to insulin.
It is believed that there are genetic factors and environmental factors. The examples of environmental factors are inactivity and obesity. People whose body becomes resistant to insulin have cells that cannot use insulin as well as healthy people.

Symptoms of Diabetes Type Two

When you have diabetes type two, you will have excess sugar in your bloodstream. This will cause fluids from tissues being pulled, which will make you thirsty. That is why you might drink and urinate more often than usual.
Aside from the thirst, you might also experience increased hunger. Since your body does not have enough insulin to get sugar into your cell to be turned into energy, you might feel intense hunger. Even so, you can be losing weight.
Those are just some symptoms of adult onset diabetes.

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