Symptoms of Having Diabetes in Women

Symptoms of having diabetes in women can be slightly different from the diabetes symptoms which will be experienced by men. Of course, there are some symptoms which can be found both in men and women but some symptoms in women cannot be found in men. Here they area.

Yeast Infection and Vaginal Thrush

The high level of sugar in the blood can trigger the growth of fungus. That is why diabetic women can have a yeast infection in their vagina and mouth. The vaginal yeast infection can make them feel itchy, sore, painful sex, and vaginal discharge. Meanwhile, the oral yeast infection may cause the white coating on the tongue as well as the inner wall of the mouth.

Urinary Infections

Women who have diabetes have a higher risk of suffering from the urinary tract infection. This condition can be developed when there are bacteria entering the urinary tract. Women with this kind of infection will experience the burning sensation, painful peeing, and cloudy or bloody urine. They must be more aware of those symptoms of having diabetes because if the urinary infection is not treated properly, it can be developed into a kidney infection. It is pretty common for women with diabetes for having a urinary infection because the immune system has to be compromised due to the hyperglycemia.

Sexual Dysfunction

It is possible that diabetes in women can be developed into diabetes neuropathy. This condition can be found when the nerve fibers are damaged by the high level of blood sugar. When women suffer from this condition, they can feel tingling and feeling lost in the different body parts such as feet, legs, and hands. The vaginal area might be affected by this condition. As the result, the sex drive of women can get lowered. This condition can be considered as women's sexual dysfunction after all.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Polycystic ovary syndrome can be experienced by women who produced more male hormones. There are some signs of this condition including weight gain, acne, irregular periods, depression, and infertility. This condition can also cause the insulin resistance so the blood sugar level is getting higher. That is why the risk of having diabetes is increased as well.

Of course, they should be aware as well when they recognize some symptoms such as increased hunger and thirst, frequent peeing, no-reason weight gain or loss, fatigue, blurred vision, skin infection, and nausea because they are the common symptoms of having diabetes both in men and women.

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