The Danger of Sugar Overload: What Are the Symptoms of Sugar Patient Type 1

Do you ever find yourself asking what are the symptoms of sugar patient type 1? Sugar patients or diabetic patients with diabetes type 1 are probably one of the unluckiest groups of people in the world. This is because they were born with an abnormality in their body. This abnormality comes in the form of a weird immune system. Normally, the immune system would attack harmful things in the body, but in some cases, that is totally not the case. There is a chance that the targeting system of your immunity go haywire, leading to an odd event in which the immune system in question destroys the useful things.

One of those useful things the immune system destroy are the beta cells, which are cells that your body need to produce insulin. Because the beta cells got destroyed, the insulin cannot be produced, and when the body cannot produce insulin, any sugar (or glucose) that was consumed would not be processed.
This will lead to a myriad of symptoms. What are those symptoms in question?

Sudden and unexplainable weight loss

This is possibly the nastiest thing that can happen to a person, especially if they undergo a diet process. Say that you used to weight 75 kilograms and suddenly you found yourself weighing 65 kilograms the week after. At first, you feel happy because your diet program is working as intended. However, you found yourself weighing 55 in the second week. This is when you should start getting suspicious. 10 kilograms per week is too much for the body, and no body was capable of doing that unless there is something bad with. That something bad can be diabetes type 1.

This mass reduction is caused because your body is starting to burn through muscle and fat, which happens because it cannot find the energy to burn.

A sharp pain by the belly

While this is not a constant symptom of diabetes, you can take this into consideration as well. If you feel a sharp pain by the tummy combined with that sudden weight loss, that is the time you should go to the doctor.

Nausea and vomiting

Not an ‘exact’ symptom, but can come with diabetes, too. Make sure it comes with the belly pain and the weight loss before you claim that your nausea happens because of diabetes.

A problematic vision

When your body sugar level is higher than usual, expect to have your vision blurred. This is because when the sugar is high, the lenses on your eyes will swell, thus reducing the clarity of your vision. Sometimes, you can also get double vision if the thing is not treated quickly.
Hope this article answers your question on what are the symptoms of sugar patient type 1, folks.

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