The Handy Guide to Diabetes: What Are the Main Symptoms of Diabetes?

Diabetes is a sickness that comes pretty late, but if you know what are the main symptoms of diabetes, perhaps you can prevent it from ever happening in the first place. Even if you do not have diabetes, this information can still be very useful. Why? Because diabetes is a disease that is prevalent, and by reading this article, there will be one more person in the world who knows how to identify diabetes and prevent the untimely death of another diabetic. That is always a good thing, no?
So without further ado, let us begin talking about the major symptoms that any diabetic will have:

Constantly hungry or thirsty

If you are always feeling hungry or perched even when you have eaten a ton and drank a whole lot of litres, then there is a chance that you might be diabetic. One of the most jarring end product of diabetes is the body’s inability to process sugar into energy. When the body lacks energy, it will send a sort of signal to the brain that tells the diabetic that he or she is still hungry.

Always exhausted or fatigued

This is another end product of the body’s inability to process glucose (or sugar). Body energy comes from processed glucose, and diabetics cannot process glucose the right way. This will lead to a lack of energy, hence making diabetics always feeling exhausted and tired.
The urge to always pee while being thirsty at the same time
Peeing and being thirsty should not go together. When you pee, you are throwing away the water in your body. Naturally, the body will throw away anything (even water) if it is excessive. When you are diabetic, your body might be filled with water, but it cannot produce energy from it. This will turn you into a person who is always thirsty while also being a leaking mass of meat.

A feeling of dryness on the skin

The skin is always in the need of hydration. Without enough hydration, the skin will turn very dry and it will lead to very itchy skin. Because diabetics always turn the fluids they have consumed into the urine, the skin will not be given enough water and it will not take long before it dries.

A wound that is VERY slow to regenerate

Diabetes can attack many parts of your body, so you should not be surprised if the nerve system got attacked, too. When the nerve system is damaged, any cuts or wounds will be very slow to heal as well.
Now that you know what are the main symptoms of diabetes, we hope that this article can help you stay vigilant towards people showing more than one of these aforementioned symptoms.

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