Type 1 Diabetes Research for Patients’ Higher Life Expectancy

Diabetes Mellitus, in general, is a condition when the glucose or blood sugar is in the high level. Different from the diabetes type 2 in which it is commonly caused by the bad lifestyle and consumption, the type 1 of diabetes is kind of congenital diseases. This disease is when the body is lack of or not able to produce insulin at all.

Although this condition is quite severe and difficult to heal, there are some programs of type 1 diabetes research that give a chance for patients to be healed. What are they?

The Research of the C-Peptide Measurement

There was research conducted by Diabetes Care with 1,549 diabetes type 1 patients as the subjects. The researcher found that C-peptide is a type of protein that is produced at the same time and in the same amount with the insulin that controls the blood sugar.
By measuring the level of C-peptide in the blood or urine, the researchers were able to know how much insulin produced by someone. It was even if the person had also applied the insulin injection as a treatment.

The result of this research is quite interesting as it showed that the patients of diabetes type 1 will still have the beta cells after around 7 years of the first diagnosis. There is the main reason why it is so-called a big invention. Before the research, it is believed that the insulin produced by the human body is decreased from time to time. So, it means that there are still big chances for the patients to be healed and living like normal people.

The Research of BCG Vaccine for Diabetes Type 1 Prevention

The next research was conducted by a group of researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital. They observe 9 patients of diabetes type 1 that has been vaccinated with the vaccine of bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG). The vaccine is well-known to avoid Tuberculosis.

The research shows that the blood sugar level is decreased for more than 10% three years after the treatment. Then, in the fourth year, it is decreased up to 18%. It was found also that the patients may survive in 8 years with a normal blood sugar level.

Sure, it means that BCG vaccine is able to lengthen the life expectancy of diabetes type 1 patients. Further research is necessary to conduct as there is a possibility that the vaccine can cure the patients when it is used appropriately

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