Type 1 Diabetes Symptoms that you need to know

There are several type 1 diabetes symptoms that you need to be aware of. These symptoms are the evidence that you can use to tell whether you suffer from diabetes or not. Understanding these conditions could be the factor to save everyone’s lives who suffer from diabetes. Well, let us check the symptoms so you can learn more, shall we?

The cause of diabetes type 1

Before we start reading the symptoms of type 1 diabetes, it is better that we learn about the cause of the disease. In the body of people who suffer from the disease, it is noticeable that the immune system goes haywire and does not function properly as it is supposed to be. Naturally, it works to kill foreign organisms and prevent them from infecting our body. Unfortunately, the immune system of the people who suffer from diabetes targets the cells in the body which produce insulin- an important hormone for extracting glucose. Therefore, your body is contaminated with lots of glucose since it cannot be extracted by the body.

The symptoms

Previously, we have learned the cause of the disease. Now it is time to learn more things. The type 1 diabetes symptoms can be found below.

1.      Your body becomes more slender even when you are not on a diet. 

The first visible symptom, albeit can be pretty subtle to notice, is that you become skinnier overtime. This unplanned weight loss happens since your body is now unable to get a proper amount of energy from the food that you commonly consume. This condition causes your body to consume the fat found within your body and processes it into energy that it needs- causing you to get skinnier even you did not plan to.

2.      Feeling nausea and vomiting. 

The next symptom that happens exclusively on type 1 diabetes would be the feeling of nausea. You feel nausea when suffering from the disease since it causes you to produce ketones when your body is burning fat- as mentioned in the previous point of this article. If left unattended, your body might end up accumulating ketones at a dangerous level and you would not want this to happen. Diabetic ketoacidosis is the name of the condition and it is a life-threatening situation.

There are other symptoms which would happen when you suffer from the disease, such as extreme thirst, dry skin, and blurred vision. However, these symptoms are not exclusively for type 1 since people with the type 2 also encounter them. On the contrary, the two points mentioned earlier are the symptoms which happen only when you have the type 1 diabetes. Well, now you know about type 1 diabetes symptoms!

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