Types of diabetes: Type I diabetes information

Becoming diabetic person is a nightmare which most people have been avoiding. This is because the medication or the treatment of diabetes can last a lifetime. People surely do not want to live a life like that. However, it is important for you to know the information about diabetes. You can prevent it to be a diabetic person or immediately see the doctor if you see any symptoms. You will learn about type I diabetes information in this article.

The Facts and The Causes

As you may have known, there are two types of diabetes namely type I and type II. This article focuses on type I diabetes. Type I diabetes occurs when the person’s pancreas cannot make insulin at all or cannot make a proper amount of insulin. As a result, the blood sugar or glucose is at an excessive amount in our bloodstream. Type I diabetes mostly or generally develops in childhood or adolescent years. The cause of type I is not yet discovered. However, the type I diabetes is the final result from insulin-producing cells in the pancreas which are attacked by the immune system. As a result, the body has a little amount of insulin or do not have at all. Instead of being transported through the cells, sugar builds up in the bloodstream.

Symptoms and Medication

The symptoms occurred usually in a diabetic person are as follow.
·        They tend to urinate frequently.
·        An Excessive feeling of thirst
·        Experiencing weight-loss despite the amount of normal food they eat.
·        A diabetic person easily feels tired regardless of the energy he spends on working

Because the cause of type I is unknown, it cannot be prevented. If a person is diagnosed with type I diabetes, the only way to survive is by taking insulin injection. The idea of diabetes treatment is to keep blood sugar in your blood as normal as possible. In order to reduce the excessive amount of blood sugar, insulin injection is needed. Taking pills which reduce the level of blood sugar in the bloodstream is also one of the medications. However, you may experience a low level of blood sugar or known as hypoglycemia because of taking such a medication.

To put it simply, a person with type I diabetes cannot survive without insulin. Therefore, they need to have insulin injected periodically. It is because the diabetic person cannot produce insulin to process the blood sugar so the blood sugar is built up in his bloodstream.

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