What Are Signs of Diabetes in Adults You Should Know Before Going to the Doctor

It is an important thing to know what are signs of diabetes in adults earlier. By knowing it earlier, you can treat it right away. As the result, you can achieve a better life even if you are suffered from diabetes. The list below explains the common signs of diabetes type 1 and type 2.

Feel Hungry and Fatigue Easily

The most common sign of diabetes is that you feel hungry and fatigue easily. It happens because your body can’t produce enough insulin. Insulin has an important role to transport glucose to the entire parts of the body. Your body needs glucose because it turns into energy. If your body doesn’t get enough glucose, it means you can easily hungry and tired.

Pee More often and Thirstier

If you are asking about what are signs of diabetes in adults, you can check how many times they go to the toilet for peeing. In the normal condition, people will go to the toilet for peeing around four to seven times a day. People with diabetes will do it more than the normal people did. The main reason is that your kidney is not working properly if you are suffered from diabetes. Kidney has a role to reabsorb glucose within your body. If you are suffered from diabetes, the kidney can’t absorb glucose. The impact is that your body will produce more urine. Because of that, a person with diabetes often feels thirstier than a normal person.  

A Problem with Mouth and Skin

Another common sign of diabetes in adults is there is a problem with their mouth and skin. Commonly, a diabetes sufferer often suffered from dry mouth and itchy skin. This condition has a strong relationship with how often you pee. If you pee more often it means your body becomes less moisture or dry. As the result, your mouth looks dry and dehydration. One of the effects of dehydration is itchy around the skin.

Check Your Vision

Don’t underestimate if you have a problem with your vision. There is a possibility that it is a sign of diabetes. The main reason is there is a significant fluid changing level in your body including in the eyes. This fluid level gives a significant impact to the shape of the lens and automatically it loses its focus. As the result, your vision looks blur.

Those are the common sign of diabetes. To make sure whether you are suffered from diabetes or not, just go to the doctor and do some medical tests. The point is that you know what are signs of diabetes in adults so you can do something earlier.

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