What Are Some Symptoms of Diabetes We need to Aware

Diabetes is closely related to your lifestyle including your food intake, physical activity, lack of sleep and overweight issue. Even with medical treatments todays, diabetes can not be healed completely. However, its developing takes slowly and needs more time than any other chronic diseases. This is why we should be aware of what are some symptoms of diabetes. If we are able to detect these symptoms earlier, we can do some prevention to get the disease going advanced.

Constant Hunger

The insulin fails to elaborate blood glucose and give it to the cells. It is unable to supply muscle and organ its food which cause it weak. The body feel less energy and brain interpret it as hunger. That is why people with diabetic feel constant hunger no matter how much they have eat. This is one of the three main symptoms of diabetes.

Drastic Weight Loss

Generally, adult people have stable weight from year to year. You may gain or lost one or two kilograms, nothing will be much different. However, you need to take aware if you have weight loss more than 5% of your normal.  This is one of what are some symptoms of diabetes we can detect clearly. The impair metabolism causes your body use anything such as muscle and fat to be energy resources.

Increased Thirst and Urination

Feeling increased thirst is early symptoms of this disease. The body tries to respond the excessive blood sugar by absorb the water from it. The patient will be dehydrated and ask for drinking more and more. However, this behaviour leads to increased urination.

Legs Sores

The high level of blood sugar in the body causes damage to nerves. Most diabetic persons feel numbness and sore on their body particularly at legs. Not all will experience this sores, however people who have endured diabetes for 5 years or more will commonly know this pain.

Blurry Vision

As explained before that the high level of blood sugar in your body causes dehydration which lead to water absorption. This affects to the eye lens and its nerves. Less water that supply the eye causes it contains more protein that it should be. This way, the lens progressively be opaque or commonly known as cataract. Your eyesight will become blurry now.

Skin Pigmentation

The high blood glucose also drive the pigment of your skin. You will realize that your skin darker, pigmented, grainy and even premature wrinkles.

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