What is actually the main cause of diabetes?

What is the main cause of diabetes? People may accuse the genetic factor as the main cause of diabetes. Sure, it is not necessarily true. In fact, the genetic factor in the cases of diabetes is only around 20%. Then, what is about the rest. You should not surprise that the bad lifestyle becomes the rest of 80%. In other words, the main cause of diabetes is the lifestyle of the patients themselves.

Sure, it is quite sad since diabetes is known as the mother of all diseases. It is not simply cured and even gives further complications including the heart attack and stroke. To make you aware of this disease more, here are some kinds of lifestyle that simply cause diabetes.


If you think the limitation of lunch and dinner avoids you from gaining weight and diabetes, you are wrong for sure. Because you are still not full yet, you may eat more snacks like biscuits or chips. Meanwhile, those snacks are full of carbohydrate without a proper amount of any other nutrition. Almost all of the snacks are under the category of foods with a high glycemic index that cause diabetes. Sure, the flour and sugar contained also increase the blood sugar level.

Lack of Sleep

If the qualified sleep cannot be achieved, consequently, the body metabolism has interfered. Based on some research, the lack of sleep for around 3 days or more causes the decreasing ability of the body in processing the glucose. This way, the risk of diabetes is increased simultaneously.

Too Lazy to Move

The laziness in doing physical activities is the next primary cause of diabetes. When you are just sitting or laying down, the glucose in the blood vessels is not turned into energy. As a result, it is just accumulated there and damaging the blood. This causes the insulin resistance or something that we know as diabetes. So, just start to move and do exercises from now.


There are many reasons why you should relax your minds. Yes, the stress may cause further problems physically including diabetes. When you are stressed, your body may increase the production of epinephrine and cortical hormones for the energy backup while doing the activities. Consequently, the blood sugar level is also increased as the source of the energy itself. So, no matter how stressful and depressing the situations around, make sure to keep calm and look for the solutions more wisely

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