What Is The Symptom of Diabetes You Need Worry The Most

Diabetes is one of the most problematic disease which you have to pay attention really careful. If you do not be watchful, it will cause another disease even chronic ones like stroke, nerve damage and kidney disease. What is the symptom of diabetes you need to worry the most?It is untreated injuries and cuts.

Based on the opinion of the expert of foot surgery, people with diabetes should take care immediately any cuts or injuries they have. No matter how small the cut or injury, it may cause infection especially at foot. The untreated injuries and cuts highly leads to serious infection. The more serious it gets, more extreme treatment you will get. At some cases, the infection which can’t be treated will have to be amputated.

There are some factors that cause the cuts and injuries on diabetic person difficult to be healed. High level of blood sugar causes complications. The high level blood glucose affects the artery wall. It is tighten and narrowed. As result, the blood which is pumped by the heart can’t flow properly through the body. Meanwhile, the injury parts really need oxygen and other nutritions from the blood to be healed. This is how the injuries or cuts taking really slow to be healed. Even it will be worse if you don’t treat it appropriately.

Another thing you have to take note of what is the symptom of diabetes is tiredness or fatigue. Even if it’s easy activity, diabetic person will repeatedly feel great fatigue. Generally, the reason why people with diabetes easily feel tired is the high level of glucose. It causes the body dehydrated and surely leads to fatigue.

The unbalanced amount between blood glucose and insulin that is spread through the body also causes fatigue. Insulin is in charge to deliver the glucose from blood to the cells which is used to produced energy. When insulin fails its task, the glucose can’t be accepted by the cells and the body couldn’t receive enough energy.

Diabetes can’t be healed completely. You can only control it, so that it won’t lead to another diseases. Complications will eventually lower your quality life. You should engage to routine check up to make sure your blood glucose stay in normal level. However, if you already got complications which need complicated treatment, time, money and energy, it may cause depression. Depression also makes people tired and fatigue. Visit your doctor before it gets worse.

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