What r the signs of diabetes in women?

What r the signs of diabetes in women? There are some common diabetes signs that can be experienced by both men and women. Those signs include extreme thirst and hunger, frequent urinating, weight loss, blurred vision, and some more. In a severe condition, the patients may also be infected in which if they have a wound, it will be difficult to be healed. But aside from those general signs, the female diabetes patients can also experience some more symptoms. So, what are they? Here are the explanations.

Vaginal Infection

Another diabetes symptom in women can also be in the form of vaginal infection. The infection is caused by fungi, signed by the itch, soreness, discharge, and pain when doing the sexual intercourse. The infection is caused by the uncontrolled Candida growth in the vagina. Meanwhile, the growth of Candida itself is due to the excess of the blood sugar. Not only Candida, but also the high level of the blood sugar leads to the growth of any other types of fungi and bacteria.

Urinary Tract Infection

The women with diabetes have a higher risk to be infected in the area of the urinary tract. The urine of diabetes patients tends to have a high level of blood sugar. Therefore, the bacteria can grow and multiply more easily there. When the bacteria enter the urinary tract system, the infection may be more difficult to stop. Some signs of the infection are the painful feeling when urinating and bloody urine.

Sexual Dysfunction

In a severe condition, the patients may have some sexual problems and even dysfunctions. First, it is due to the decrease in sexual desire. The damaged nerve system makes the body is no longer easy to accept the stimulation. Second, the dysfunction is caused by a condition namely the dry vagina. The symptom is caused by the diabetic neuropathy or the damage of nerve fibers. Sure, the high level of sugar blood just causes it all.

Diabetes in women is often worse from the same disease in men for some factors. Those factors are the hormone fluctuation and consumption of family planning pills. Women have some stages in her life including the menstruation, pregnancy, labor, and menopause. Due to the instability of the hormones, women tend to find it more difficult in keeping the right level of blood sugar. Besides, some types of family planning pills have side effects including the increase of the blood sugar level.

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