What r the symptoms of diabetes?

What r the symptoms of diabetes? For almost all the diseases, they must be started by the appearance of symptoms. Sure, diabetes is one of them although the symptoms of diabetes seem to be too usual and you may not realize them at all. However, you should be aware if some of the symptoms of signs are experienced in the same period of time. So, what are the common symptoms of diabetes? Check them out.

Urinating Often

When you have a high level of glucose in your body, your body is stimulated to dispose the excess along with the urine. This is what makes you need to go to the toilet more often than usual. Commonly, the dying of pee is felt at night when you are sleeping. At night, the blood sugar level tends to be higher than usual indeed. In many cases, this problem makes you feel extremely thirsty so that the patients need to drink more as well.

Significant Increase of the Appetite

Despite feeling thirsty, you may also feel easily hungry even only a few minutes after you are eating. The symptom is caused by the lack of sugar backup of the body although the blood sugar level is relatively high. In the body of diabetes patients, insulin is not able to distribute the sugar as the energy source. The weakness due to the lack of energy is then assumed as a hunger although in fact, it is not exactly like that.


In many cases, the patients of diabetes often feel so weak and sleepy even if they have enough rest and sleep. How can it be? This symptom is due to the lack of oxygen to burn the sugar into energy. The blood sugar is accumulated in the blood vessel and it makes the blood denser. The supply of oxygen has then interfered. That’s why; the patients can easily feel weak, sleepy, dizzy, and the likes. In the severe condition, it causes a stroke.

Skin Problems

Many patients are also suffered from the itches in which the skin is getting red and thinner particularly around the genital areas. The other problems are the feeling of tingling and even numbness on hands and feet. The symptom is due to the damage of capillary vessels under the skin. Again, it is due to the excess of blood sugar. Therefore, the itch may not be simply cured by the common drugs or cream for allergy.

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