What You Should Know about Diabetes Symptoms and Treatment

Diabetic is a person diagnosed or having diabetes. Diabetes is a disease which refers to the incapability of the body in processing blood sugar. Blood sugar or commonly known as glucose is important to our body and our health because it is a main source of the energy for the cells which build up our muscles and tissues. The impairment of the body in processing glucose makes the excessive amount of sugar in our blood. This article contains information about diabetes symptoms and treatment.


Generally, there are two types of diabetes. They are type I and type II. In fact, it is difficult to see whether a person has a type I or type II diabetes just by looking at their blood sugar level or at their weight. Though diabetes is often associated with obesity, it is not an exact determiner for diagnosing which type of diabetes the person has. However, type I and type II diabetes share the same symptom:

·        Increased level of thirst.
·        The person tends to urinate frequently
·        The extreme level of hunger
·        Fatigue
·        If the diabetic person has a wound, it will be healing slowly regardless of the age.
·        Frequent infections, including skin or gum infections.
If any of these symptoms occur to you, go to see the doctor immediately. The treatment can begin immediately if the condition is diagnosed earlier.

Treatment and Prevention

Type I diabetes is not preventable due to its autoimmune. On the contrary, type II diabetes can be prevented by having a healthy lifestyle. The healthy lifestyle includes weight loss through a healthy diet and exercising regularly. The treatment of diabetes can last a lifetime. The aim of treating diabetes is to keep the blood sugar level as close to a normal level as possible. Type I diabetes needs insulin continuously in order to survive. It is because the body cannot produce a proper amount of insulin so an injection of insulin is necessary.

On the other hand, type II diabetes treatment begins with changing into a healthy lifestyle. However, if this changing does not bring the blood sugar to normal, antidiabetic pills, injection of insulin or combination of these two are necessary, Medications are effective in treating diabetes and reducing the long-term effects of the condition.
To conclude, if you do not have or are not diagnosed with type I diabetes, be careful so that you do not develop type II diabetes. Keep a healthy diet and exercise regularly so you will not become a diabetic person

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